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Pre-heated compact pressurized solar water heater

Product name : Pre-heated compact pressurized solar water heater

Item : ZY-2

Details :

Working principle:
The vacuum tube collector absorbs the heat energy to heat the water in the storage tank. When Using the hot water ,the high pressure presses the cold water into the copper coil ,the copper coil absorbs the heat then transfers into the cold water .When the cold water through the copper coil ,the temperature rise up ceaseless, so the water temperature of the outlet is close to the water temperature of the water tank (≤3℃ ).
1.It takes the advantage of the tap water pressure, more pressure ,more comfortable. 
2. Thicker insulation layer ensure better efficiency.55cm insulation. 
3. Our copper coil is specially designed, efficiency is 8% higher than common ones. Water difference is less than 3 degree. Red copper coil in the water tank, the diameter is 11-12mm, thickness is 1mm
4. Instantaneous heat exchange plentiful hot water ,high pressure and fresh hot water run down simultaneously with tap open. 
1. Vacuum tubes: Three "high" new technology tube with 30% higher performance, Ø 47X1500mm, Ø 58X1800mm, Ø 70X2000mm; 
2. Inner tank material: SUS304-2B food grade stainless steel plate with thickness 0.31mm, 0.41mm, 0.51mm; 
3. Outer tank material: Imported color steel plate with thickness 0.31mm, 0.41mm; 
4. Insulation material: 50mm -60mm polyurethane; 
5. Frame material:Imported galvanized steel plate with 18°, 27°,45°; 
6. Capacity of water than; 80L,100L,120L,150L,180L,200L,250L,300L,400L,500L;

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