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2W-300W poly solar panel

Product name : 2W-300W poly solar panel

Details :
Solar modules panel: 
High-efficiency photovoltaic module using silicon nitride coated polycrystalline silicon cells. 
Solar cell: High efficiency crystalline solar cell. Even if under the weak light, the solar module can produce maximum power output. 
Tempered glass: Anti-reflecting coating and high transmission rate glass increases the power output and mechanical strength of solar module. 
EVA and TPT: Using high quality EVA and TPT to prevent destroying and water. 
Frame: Without screw, corner connection, 8 holes on the frame can be installed easily. 
Junction box: Multifunction junction box with water proof. 
Long lifetime: 25years, less power decrease. 
Good performance of preventing from atrocious weather such as wind and hails. 
Resisting moisture and etching effectively, not effect by geology.
(WP) Solar cell  (VM)  (IM)  (VOC)  (ISC) SIZE
2.5W/9V 156*156 8.5V 0.295A 10.6V 0.33A 220*140*17mm
3W/9V 156*156 8.9V 0.338A 11.1V 0.37A
5W18V 156*156 17.5V 0.29A 21.3V 0.31A 235*248*17mm
6W/18V 156*156 18.0V 0.334A 22.4V 0.36A 235*248*17mm
10W/18V 156*156 16.81V 0.6A 20.9V 0.67 280*350*17mm
12W/18V 156*156 18.0V 0.67A 22.2V 0.72A 280*350*17mm
15W/18V 156*156 16.81V 0.9A 20.9V 0.99A 410*350*17mm
18W/18V 156*156 18.0V 1.0A 22.5V 1.08A 410*350*17mm
20W/18V 156*156 16.9V 1.19 20.9V 1.31A 536*353*25mm
25W/18V 156*156 17.05V 1.47A 21.1V 1.62A 645*353*25mm
30W/18V 156*156 16.9V 1.78A 20.9V 1.96A 773*353*25mm
35W/18V 156*156 18.03V 1.95A 21.57V 2.15A 773*353*25mm
40W/18V 156*156 16.9V 2.37A 20.9V 2.61A 540*666*25mm
45W/18V 156*156 17.9V 2.52A 22.4V 2.73A 540*666*25mm
50W/18V 156*156 17.05V 2.94A 21.1V 3.23A 650*666*35mm
60W/18V 156*156 16.9V 3.56A 20.9V 3.92A 776*666*35mm
70W/18V 156*156 17.8V 3.94A 21.6V 4.32A 776*666*35mm
80W/18V 156*156 16.9V 4.74A 20.9V 5.21A 1010*666*35mm
90W/18V 156*156 17.83V 5.05A 21.33V 5.56A 1010*666*35mm
100W/18V 156*156 17.15V 5.86A 21.64V 6.32A 1026*666*35mm
120W/18V 156*156 16.9V 7.11A 20.9V 7.83A 1480*666*35mm
125W/18V 156*156 16.9V 7.4A 20.9V 8.14A 1480*666*35mm
130W/18V 156*156 17.01V 7.65A 21.01V 8.42A 1480*666*35mm
140W/18V 156*156 18.14V 7.72A 21.64V 8.49A 1480*666*35mm
150W/18V 156*156 16.7V 8.99A 20.8V 9.88A 1326*992*35mm
160W/36V 156*156 33.49V 4.78A 41.67V 5.26A 1326*992*35mm
170W/36V 156*156 33.98V 5.01A 42.01V 5.51A 1326*992*50mm
180W/36V 156*156 35.24V 4.97A 42.23V 5.47A 1326*992*50mm
190W/36V 156*156 36.56V 5.2A 43.55V 5.72A 1326*992*50mm
210W/30V 156*156 28.14V 7.47A 34.84V 8.22A 1640*992*50mm
220W/30V 156*156 29.36V 7.5A 35.19V 8.25A 1640*992*50mm
230W/30V 156*156 30.1V 7.65A 35.83V 8.42A 1640*992*50mm
240W/30V 156*156 30.53V 7.87A 36.35V 8.65A 1640*992*50mm
250W/36V 156*156 33.77V 7.41A 41.81V 8.15A 1950*992*50mm
260W/36V 156*156 33.98V 7.66A 42.02V 8.42A 1950*992*50mm
270W/36V 156*156 35.65V 7.58A 42.64V 8.33A 1950*992*50mm
280W/36V 156*156 36.21V 7.74A 43.2V 8.52A 1950*992*50mm
290W/36V 156*156 36.4V 7.97A 45.2V 8.60A 1950*992*50mm
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