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30m Soalr Self-Priming Pump (solar DC surface pump)

Product name : 30m Soalr Self-Priming Pump (solar DC surface pump)

Details :

Product Description

Particularly suitable for domestic applications such as supply water from well, pool etc, the qutomatic distribution of water by surge tanks and pressure switch, gardening, and increasing of water pressure. 

Working conditions: 
Max temperature of fluid up to +40degree; 
Max pressure: 8bar 
Max ambient temperature up to +40degree; 

Technical Specification 
1. Voltage: DC 48V. 72V 
2. Motor power: 500W-750W 
3. Flow rate: 30-50L/min 
4. Head: 30M-50M 
5. Water Outlet Diameter: 1"

Model Impeller voltage  (V)  Power (W)  Max Flow (L/Min) Max Head (M) MAX. Suct       M Inlet/Outlet  (IN) Solar panel
Pump Size (MM) Pump Weight (KG)
SJET3.6/32-D48/500 Brass 48 500 60 32 9 1"x1" 800 390*210*300 14
SJET3.6/42-D72/750 Brass 72 750 60 42 9 1"x1" 1200 440*200*300 17
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