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360W Cpm Series Soalr Centrifugal Pump (solar DC surface pump)

Product name : 360W Cpm Series Soalr Centrifugal Pump (solar DC surface pump)

Details :

Product Description

CPM/CPS Series are single stage centrifugal pumps, suitable for both domestic and industrial applications to convey clean liquids and non-aggressive chemical fluids. The hydraulic characteristic with higher head and smaller capacity. 
Working conditions: 
Max temperature of fluid up to +80degree; 
Max pressure: 8bar 
Max ambient temperature up to +40degree; 

Technical Specification 
1. Voltage: DC 436V-72V 
2. Motor power: 5360W-750W 
3. Flow rate: 10-40m3/h 
4. Head: 20M-30M 
5. Water Outlet Diameter: 1" 

Model Impeller voltage  (V)  Power (W)  Max Flow (L/Min) Max Head (M) MAX. Suct       M Inlet/Outlet  (IN) Solar panel
Pump Size (MM) Pump Weight (KG)
SCPM3.6/22-D36/360 Brass 36 360 60 22 8 1"x1" 600 295*190*315 11
SCPM6.6/30-D72/750 Brass 72 750 110 30 8 1"x1" 1200 320*210*340 16
SCPS7.5/26-D72/750 Brass 72 750 125 26 8 1.25"x1" 1200 320*210*370 15
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